Artistic Roses

Last week, I had a commercial shoot for an add in Viva Las Vegas’ April issue. With any luck I’ll be able to post some pics form that shoot in the next week or two, once the client has decided which pic they want to use. I sent them proofs to pick from Saturday. There were 5 really good shots for them. I probably won’t be able to post the one they select until the magazine comes out. I’ll keep you posted.

Last week I also worked on the project 52 assignment for the week. ( week 3) I was really pleased with how it came out. Here’s a reduced size version of the completed project.

Violin photo for Project52

Violin Photo for Project52 assignment 3.

If you’re interested in the photography business check out Project 52. So far it’s extremely interesting.

Yesterday, I decided to work on some artistic still life images I’ve wanted to make. With Valentine’s day coming up, Roses seems like an ideal subject. Being allergic to flowers makes it interesting to do, too. I decided on doing them submerged in water with bubbles on them.

The setup for this requires the following:

10 gallon fish tank (A cheap one from any pet store or garage sale will do so long as the sides are clear and have no scratches or pits.)
Weights to hold the flowers down
Flowers (in this case roses)
2 liters of soda water
Water to fill the tank

Add to that a table to set it up on. I prefer one with a black top or black fabric over it.
Black, white or whatever color background you want. Sheets of foam core board or poster board work great.
Light(s) I used studio strobes, but you can use off-camera flash or continuous lights.

For some of the pics, I had the light above and slightly in front of the tank of water. The edge of the softbox was over the middle of the tank. I also used undiffused lights from the left and right sides and just slightly above the flowers, and in at least one pic, I had the softbox overhead turned off. Experiment with the lights to see what effects you get. That’s a really good way to learn lighting. If you don’t know much, start with one light, see what it does, add a second once you get one figured out, etc. In some of these pics, I had 4 lights. Above, turned down about a stop below the light from the left or right and equal to the other. (I changed which light was brightest as I went.) In the pics with the white background, I used a softbox pointed back at the camera to give a nice smooth white. It was set as low as I could get it to come out white so that I didn’t get flare off of it. The deep blue background in two of the pics is actually a black card with a blue jelled light on it. I just adjusted the power of the strobe until I got the color I wanted.

On a side note, I found that my camera doesn’t always sync with studio strobes at /1250th. That was a bit frustrating. It works fine at 1/200th.

Rose in water with blue background

Red Rose for Velentines

Rose in water with blue background

Red Rose for Velentines

Valentines Rose on white

Valentines Rose on white background

Rose in water with black background

Red Rose for Velentines

Valentines Roses

Valentines Roses

I’m not sure what is in store, photographically this week. Saturday is going to be extremely busy, but I might get a chance to get some pictures in the Sierras. I’m also hoping for a chance to get some more water drops. More on how to do that in a future post.

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