New Art Photos

New Art Photos

Over the weekend, I had a really good photo shoot. Two models came in and we shot for much of the afternoon. We all had ideas on what to try and the outcome was the creation of some really good images! Here are a few.


The models are April Daez and Kallie Wayy . They were both fantastic to work with and I would recommend them to anyone wondering about working with them.

We mostly did low key images, meaning they are more dark than light with a lot of shadow. I really like the low key lighting style and find that it gives very attractive, artistic images with some level of mystery to them. It is my hope that you’ll find them enjoyable to view as well. There will be a gallery with several more of these images in them as they are finished.

The lighting for low key is relatively simple, in most cases these images use a single light sometimes with a reflector, sometimes without. A few use two lights, with the second light taking the place of the reflector. This setup gives good control of light and shadow so the light can be used to show the outline of shapes and form – using shadow for depth and mystery.

My latest from Project52 is an image showing the ingredients for a salad. This image was taken on white seamless, with clear acrylic under the ingredients and lights from underneath for the oil and vinegar. The background was relatively narrow and lit with a single light shooting into a white reflective umbrella. The ingredients were lit using a softbox front left and a light shooting through diffusion paper front right. The light through the diffusion paper gives a nice long highlight on some of the ingredients and the glass. The light underneath is shining through two holes in the white seamless with a piece of clear acrylic over the top. This gives some glow to the oil and the glass around the oil and the vinegar. This was a fun photo to make – and I could eat the props when I was done!


I like to have my camera handy most of the time. This next picture from sunset last night is an example of why. If I had to go find the camera, get a battery and find a memory card I’d miss the photo. This sunset had a lot of promise for a lot of color, but it suddenly went grey instead. If my camera wasn’t at hand, I’d have entirely missed it.


You never know when an opportunity for a great photo will come by. So, if you enjoy taking picture, keep your camera close and keep your eyes open. You never know what you’ll find that will be worth taking a picture. It could be a sunset, some kind of newsworthy event, maybe a particularly fascinating shadow pattern or almost anything else. Even the ordinary, when seen thru the lens, can tell an extraordinary “story”. You just have to be open to the possibility, and opportunity.

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