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As I sit here writing this post, 3 days into Spring, we have another winter storm going through. There is likely another tomorrow night into Friday and maybe another Monday, then the weather prognosticators promise it’ll warm up and dry out. Shall I hold my breath? It does make for a rather good day to sit here and write this overly late blog post.

Today I think I’ll provide more images and less chit-chat. After all, what good is a photo blog if it isn’t full of images?

So, let’s start with Project52 . Over the last three weeks, there have been three different assignments. The first is a CD cover shot, cropped square, and an inside shot to be twice as wide as tall. Velvet helped me out with this shoot. It was cold, damp and breezy and we did this outdoors under an underpass. She was a real trooper – you’d never guess she did the shoot in her pink socks! The shots came out really well, surprising for what was a dreary day, under an overpass, with tempermental lighting.


The next assignment was to illustrate the concept of power. My first image here is rather conventional, being a power substation, taken to give it a more artistic feel and the second is a pure concept shot aimed at a fantasy type of setting. The second used a plasma globe, a shot of hands and some graphics work. Conjures up images of the mighty Merlin peering into the future.


The last assignment is Macro Electronics. For this I dug out an old motherboard. For the first image, there are two lights and a fill card. The second uses the same lights as the first two, but the main is moved from camera right to camera left. Then I added a blue gelled light camera right about 45 degrees in front of the mother board and a red gelled light camera left about 45 degrees behind the motherboard. The gelled lights add a good deal more interest to the photograph. I am really pleased with both of the photos. Seeing everyday items in minutiae can reveal hidden beauty.


I went to a workshop in Sacramento last weekend. For those who haven’t participated in the workshops Don, from Lighting Essentials, puts on, they are very good and well worth the time and price. Here are a few images from the workshop. Most of the lighting is either natural light and reflector cards or speedlights. (We did use studio strobes for a little bit of the workshop.) In most cases there are umbrellas and fill cards being used in various combinations.


Don’s workshops aren’t set up for everyone to get the same images. Instead you work on building the shot, you get to pick poses, move lights, set lights, etc. so your images are unique. Definitely a plus over how many other workshops run.

The weather for the workshop was generally miserable, so we did most of the shooting indoors. It was rainy and windy most of the weekend. We drove over Donner Pass in light snow (and missed a big accident by less than an hour) on Friday and came home on icy roads with freshly plowed snow Sunday night. I wish we could have pulled off to the side to take some pictures – but that was asking for an accident. The snow on the trees in the light form the occasional street light was gorgeous. Unfortunately since they had just plowed the rods, there wasn’t anywhere to safely pull over. You’ll just have to trust me – it was pretty!

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