Spring at last?

Last time I posted snow was in the yard and more expected in the forecast. Just over a week later, April 1st, it was 81 degrees and then yet another week later snow, again. Today it’s just breezy and back up into the “balmy” mid 60s. Spring in Nevada tends to be overly interesting – don’t blink or you’ll miss all the seasonal excitement! Yet this year Mother Nature seems to keep us guessing more than usual.

I have done a little bit of food photography since last I posted. The first image here is a pistachio cake that my wife made Saturday. It’s quite good, and satisfies my sweet tooth without the fear of dairy-allergens (it’s made with sheep yogurt). It’s photogenic as well. Double bonus.


The next images are from a piece of Apple Pie and a scoop of Vanilla goat milk ice cream. The two go together really well. I really enjoyed cleaning up the “props” after this shoot.


I also have 3 weeks of Project52 images to share with you. For starters there are artist portraits. In this case, my beautiful bride and her harp, Merrywood, made by George Leveritt from Around the Hearth. These photos are all done with a single light with an umbrella along with black and white cards.


The next set are from a beer pour assignment. The first is a more traditional pour shot. The table top is covered with floor tiles to give a different surface for this shot. The remainder of the shots are less traditional, but more interesting, at least for me. The last, with the blue background, is my favorite. What do you think? Let me know.


The final set were for a full page advertisement mockup. The top of the page required a horizontal image with a picnic theme. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been conducive to shooting food outdoors and the grass is still mostly brown and anemic looking. There isn’t much for leaves on the trees either. So, this shoot was done inside. The second shot was to be a pill bottle for a small insert next to the text below the picnic image. For this I created a dummy label for a pill bottle and then filled it with naproxen sodium tablets. I did two versions of the pill bottle shot, one with the top on and one with it off. These images were shot using a white backdrop and base with a sheet of plastic on top to give a nice reflection.


I hope to have more images for you soon and will hopefully get a new post up sooner next time.

I’m interested in knowing what the lurkers our there think of my work, and if you are also a photographer. Leave me a comment and let me know.

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