September was a busy month. The Truckee Meadows seems to give its last summer “hurrah” by filling every weekend with events to tempt even the most ardent arm chair quarterback out of the house and into a high desert afternoon. The first was the Nugget’s Best in the West Rib Cookoff. We spent a good deal of time meandering thru the rows of merchants and enjoying the food –hungry or not we ate it grilled, deep fried, or scooped! Here is a photo of finger-lickin’ ribs cooking on a grill, a little shade and a cold beverage made for a wonderful lazy day out with my community.


With the aroma of bbq’ing ribs wafting in the breeze, I found enough restraint to stop and take some images of the interactive fountain near Victorian Avenue. The fountain performs four 8-minute shows hourly to choreographed music.


There is approximately 3,600 square feet of water rising up to 35 feet . Pretty spectacular, but I thought I’d try replicating some of that beauty in my backyard, more suited to a photographer’s controlling tendancies. So I made a device in my back yard to create my “fountain”:


My Autumn resolution is to make more frequent blog posts. I’ll try to keep them short so they load faster for you. My photos really tell the tale of life here in Nevada, but let me know if you would prefer longer posts, or just more photos.

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