Christmas presents

Ah…the madness of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last minute shopping fever.

For those of you looking for great present ideas for next year, here are a few to consider: First, I chose some of my favorite images and had calendars made ut of them. The larger ones went 16×20 and were printed as photo prints. If you can find a good calendar template, it isn’t too hard to do, although you’ll find you want to modify the template a good deal. For one-offs it’s a lot easier to add the calendar to the photo you want to use and have it printed as a regular print. You won’t have minimum orders that way. It’s also a service we can provide for you on any image we take for you or that you like from our art print selection.

This one was printed 16×20. They can be done 8×10, but the calendar part will be more intrusive on the picture so the numbers are big enough to read.


Another option is a custom photobook. I did one as a gift for a model I have done a lot of work with. The cost of the book isn’t too bad, but the time do layout pages, crop and arrange pictures, etc. is pretty time-intensive. It is a service we can provide on any images we have taken for you, either as a one-off or as a small print run. They are available in either hardback or softcover and the quality is pretty good. More expensive options are available, but those are probably better suited to a wedding album or the like. Here are a couple of sample page spreads from the photobook for Nena.


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