Final for 2011

March 2nd – can you believe we’re closing in on the Vernal equinox already? Seems like yesterday I was pouring eggnog, trying to carve the Christmas ham for my guests, oh and keeping current on my blog posts. New Year’s Resolutions rarely live beyond their utterance but I’m hoping for the rest of 2012 I will be more timely. Look for weekly posts with the photo opportunities I’ve experienced.

To catch up: I ended 2011 by shooting with Nena. We decided to try some old Hollywood style glamour and I believe the images came out absolutely beautiful.


We also did some work that is a little more modern that was just as successful.


I really enjoy these types of images. Clean, and uncluttered so the woman gets to shine without having to compete with other things in the image. What do you suppose this photo is saying? What is the story?

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