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On to Valentine’s Day. Did you get any? Chocolate that is. I decided to make chocolate candy a class act, and used a lighting setup you’d use for fine jewelry. I am really happy with how these came out. Only problem is, now I have to eat my props.


In the coming year, I hope to have more food photographs here. I find I really enjoy food photography.


I had a great opportunity to go to Arizona in January and photograph local Phoenix dancers. These young ladies are amazing. In one image the model is doing the splits 3 feet off the ground. Talk about talent – and stamina! She jumped repeatedly into this position an amazing number of times before we got the photo right, and her smile was as bright on the last jump as it had been on the first. This was a fun group to shoot with and I would welcome the opportunity to work with more dancers in the future.


Final for 2011

March 2nd – can you believe we’re closing in on the Vernal equinox already? Seems like yesterday I was pouring eggnog, trying to carve the Christmas ham for my guests, oh and keeping current on my blog posts. New Year’s Resolutions rarely live beyond their utterance but I’m hoping for the rest of 2012 I will be more timely. Look for weekly posts with the photo opportunities I’ve experienced.

To catch up: I ended 2011 by shooting with Nena. We decided to try some old Hollywood style glamour and I believe the images came out absolutely beautiful.


We also did some work that is a little more modern that was just as successful.


I really enjoy these types of images. Clean, and uncluttered so the woman gets to shine without having to compete with other things in the image. What do you suppose this photo is saying? What is the story?

Merry Christmas!

From all our home to yours, we’re wishing you the many blessings of Christmas now and throughout the year.


(Photo is from February 2008, when we had snow.)

Christmas presents

Ah…the madness of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and last minute shopping fever.

For those of you looking for great present ideas for next year, here are a few to consider: First, I chose some of my favorite images and had calendars made ut of them. The larger ones went 16×20 and were printed as photo prints. If you can find a good calendar template, it isn’t too hard to do, although you’ll find you want to modify the template a good deal. For one-offs it’s a lot easier to add the calendar to the photo you want to use and have it printed as a regular print. You won’t have minimum orders that way. It’s also a service we can provide for you on any image we take for you or that you like from our art print selection.

This one was printed 16×20. They can be done 8×10, but the calendar part will be more intrusive on the picture so the numbers are big enough to read.


Another option is a custom photobook. I did one as a gift for a model I have done a lot of work with. The cost of the book isn’t too bad, but the time do layout pages, crop and arrange pictures, etc. is pretty time-intensive. It is a service we can provide on any images we have taken for you, either as a one-off or as a small print run. They are available in either hardback or softcover and the quality is pretty good. More expensive options are available, but those are probably better suited to a wedding album or the like. Here are a couple of sample page spreads from the photobook for Nena.