Figure Art

I know I haven’t done a thing with this site in ages, ma apologies. Here are a few older figure art images. I need to do more of these, they’re a lot of fun and pretty too.

Old Hollywood Glamour

Here are a few sample from a personal project I have been working on for a couple of years. I love the old Hollywood Glamour images and have worked on replicating the style and look. The model is Nena.



Over the summer, we shot Doug and Marina’a wedding. They have many great pictures that they can choose from for prints and a book. Here are two of my favorite pictures from the wedding.


Thank you again for stopping by, I always like to hear from my readers, so I invite you to send me an email about photography and my images.

Have a great rest of your week!

We’re back….

We’re “back in the saddle” as they say and glad to be back to blogging.  It’s been pretty busy lately and I haven’t had the brainpower to blog coherently.  I love my shooting opportunities, but they can definitely take away from one’s free time for updating my blog posts.

I’m happy to announce that I have been able to add the shopping section of the website now.  I think it’s pretty user-friendly and you can order prints right out of your Cart.  There are some traditional prints, but also some other fun products like metal prints, canvas prints and postage stamps!  To check out this new section, please click on the shopping link above.

This website is an ever evolving space so check back often for new images, new products and new sections! I think you’ll find both the consumer, and the fine art work to your liking.

This week one of our images appears on the cover of the City of Reno website.  Here is the page showing the image and below that is the image itself.


I’m really looking forward to this year’s air races and will definitely share some of those photos with you when I get back!


So subjective, and certainly amazing how the most common of objects can, with a little coaxing, become an art photo. Take a look at this one.


Know what that is? That’s right, it’s bobby pins. They are on a metal table top with just a bit of texture. I think this shot would look really good printed large and framed. It just may end up on my wall.